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four of four

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four your eyes to eat

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just the four first

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

wiki over flows llll....llll


Ensign Ice-9 Science
Temporal Physicist
USS Eagle NCC 74659

Ice Nine evolved from the group of H92o's ethereal digressions into a Temporal Physicist and incurred Time Design status. Because of his involvement with Hundorial Foantal as altering her studies in the cadet training sites, Ice has been sent back to an alternate time line into the Eugenics dilemma on Earth to prevent the spread of this to other time lines in the systems of events and actualities that can occur.

Eugenics dilemma - backgrounds - 1995 India is experimenting with subatomic/\ disintegration's /\ nil-preffective quantitative values in solid mass. There became what was know as the alternate time dilations as a result and this catapulted the science research into alternate dimensions.

Given the wave field dynamics of the time it was a good fight. Matter and Non-matter were also effected and caused to distort.

Ice Nine was on the holographic battle field and died several times ... to be saved by xoet and Hundorial Foantal at various instances in that alternate timelines concept of time/space.

Eugenical - devices - matter/antimatter riffles - biogenic solvents: including - mental time loops with infinite random noise envelopes -

[[Ice_Nine|Ice Nine]] - [[Gary Seven]] (contact - interactions) suggested they outlaw these new laws in the evolved relationships between matter and life.

Eugenical - proactions - concerning the increasing time dilations that involved new research manipulations and acquisitions of realities that maintained the introduction of lost informational volumes but found again and again.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

closer then that is

finely there is the then there is that then there is this then that then there finely exists there ever real fourth fluent shod who i eht the desk Shiva Noak defense elk eke slop boudoir twos Walker heat silk skilled felling

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

restructuring of the idea of parallel informations

almost the original (edit 4.1) - "When the multiplex meter readouts conform to these alien dimensions of time and space then the effects on life as it is known will be indeterminate as if - varying the phasing harmonics and adjusting the frequency of supernovae exploding - this would cause such transdimensional energy shift that could cause a holodeck could break down into componential derivations."

4.2 definitions:

multiplex meter: measures the amount of units to a dimension.

Alien dimensions: "unknown" units used to measure the unknown dimensions.

phasing harmonics: the harmonic frequency of a given phase (of life/matter)

frequency of supernovae: the exploding wave pulse cycle of supernovae

transdimensional energy shift: the mutation of kinds of energy, be it positive, negative, zero, and/or other kinds of indeterminate forms of energy; between each of the unique energy signatures that naturally occur and or do not occur.

componential derivations: what makes up the actual reality of ideas and theories and the "glue" that holds them together be it a manifold facets or other unreal devices of theoretical use(implementations of structured informations)

"(thus) the unsynchronized harmonics of time directionals would cause what is known as fluid synthetics in an intense parametric so much so that, when researched, their events in time and space would not retain the original sub-quantum super string analog"


unsynchronized harmonics: basically discord or true random chaos that is based on non-pattern formations and extrapolation formulas that would cause/determine this effect.

time directionals: the experience of time as now reflected into the directional that causes the beings to be and such not.

fluid synthetics: thoughts of the matter as the holographic nanite-technology becomes self aware and says it is so.

intense parametric: the actualization of self-awareness becoming thoughts.

sub-quantum super string analog: the change in thinking dimensions and growth to the greater and lesser sizes and dimensions as super and sub are copies of the other as much as past and future are the same.

This "...would create the thought manifestations in idea form of non-concurrent experiences. As these envelop the superior beings with non-trivial theories as superficial-genius like discussions are enlarged to super-genius level by being applied in an exponential curve. Unto the voided limits inside the elemental devices of languages and even the facets of thought structures return to themselves as ..."

non-concurrent experiences: what can be sensed and is yet out of sync with that POV: internally vs externally

non-trivial theories: the things that are important but never realized as such.

voided limits: where we should not go but still we go there.

elemental device: the building blocks of reality and or communicational comparison similarities ...

facets of thought structures: common ground between ideas and where they are in the imagination of ourselves and others.

Friday, January 4, 2008

these are the edges that almost matter but really kant is.

thru the change of thinking about nothing I think less about nothing more where by these things that might up stand in the product of vishnew and ash new and other newer nearer effects being the same cause that caused the effect forming the inside intent and the overall description of what might of not been really real but almost real in the sense the there are a few things left for being of into with out very many others oft.

semantics and antics thereby and of information game theories.(again)

Random TechnoBabble - Associations(the edit)

1. We must make the multiplex meter readout conform to these alien dimensions of time and space or else the effects of life as it is know will be indeterminate.

3. If we were to vary the phasing harmonics by adjusting the frequency of the problem, it might supernova into itself with sooo much transdimensional energy that the holodeck could break down into componential derivations.

5. The unsynchronized harmonics of time directionals would also cause what is now know as fluid synthetics of a most intense parametric that, when researched, their events in time and space would not retain the original sub-quantum superstring analog.

7. In seeing the difficulties of thought manifestations where the idea of non-concurrent experiences envelop the beings of non-trivial theories of sub-genius discussions where super-genius is applied in a exponential curve to the voided limit inside the elemental devices of language we find that an opening in repeational discusions evolves into TAG relationships.

12. As much as that would be difficult to assume it is proportional to the thoughts of non-existing realities that do not abide by the normal laws of physics because they are only existential laws and theories that are meaningless in unique membranes of N-space.

14. Given the resonance of delta-membrane's we know that parallel polarities and, or dualities are just theoretical, until someone adds the proverbial wrench and wingnuts without a thought of consequence the effect is althought the same as the cause (one less wrench to open the mind with).

16. Within the confines of several realities this could be true but defining the manifestational effects of thought and idea without a congruent beginning or end remains inside the realms of theoretical experiences that will engulf those 'said thoughts' and ideas before they occur allowing the wrench to split the three sides of occams razor.

[[16. I say the whole idea just wreaks of theory with nothing to substantiate the concept of an almost real reality when an omnipresent omnipotent force curdles the very mildew that we eat.]]

18. In the sense that all non-Euclid/Pythagorean matrix definitions just might cause a complete collapse of theoretical physics beyond infinite effected spaces in envelopes of timeless endless forms of foam like an ethereal synthesis of which such said things allow us to rename what was left over after the next thought I was thinking.

20. Given the book of secret ideas in complex multi-matrix form with conceptual demanifestations of perfect imperfections presented in alpha-numerical descending relative order, I find that everything is just an unnecessary detail that needs to be studied till everything else is, in effect, uneffect by it.

22. Still allowing for time/space/non-space distortions one becomes ineffective and devoid of thought streams to manifest necessary said, ordinary, and non-ordinary, reality scenarios but with the advent of chaotic structure symbolisms and finite measure's analysis with actualized real time compositions things might create themselves without the necessity for inimitable mimicking devices within story/scenario divergences of what moves ahead remaining unseen yet fully known already.

25. This is the irreversible deflections of thoughts that might occur after the diabolical hydroxical-rhybone-nucleic-acid implanted in the very decisive potentiometers tenaciously deriving the newer and more intellectually defined word misalignment when we all know very well that...

...We can assume that an askew presumption of things less then tangential to the retinal rainbow shadows, makes a piece of cybernetic angel divining instruments suffer from less then perfect realities thus becoming effortlessly affordable to even the most naive kind of didactics resonating with...

...section G paragraph 3 of the Thought Applications Guild (TAG) that makes Hedonistic living look like hell and all forms of sun worship theoretically beginning and ending at the "same time" (now) but after we dissect volumes of nonsensical details that are always left out of the movies for finding the "now" is not ever as easy as it used to be. But then who ever thought that...

...the momentum in a moment becomes interfaced by exceedingly perfect parallels inside and onto polished time wave differentials that cause these said (TAG) effects an experience of null time/space phenomenons allowing the belief that their's is the more suitable thoughts in a perspective never before realized... the wisdom of a tooth that aches and breaks may bake the barbers of greater monotonicity inside the proverbial envelope enclosed in the tridoxical triple logiclessly trilooped information of fuzzy and warm non-linear episodes of TAG memorandums in actualized versions by rerunning the same circuitry between here and there above the ten possible directions and the total of 531 possible unique sensations poised on the edge of nothingness till the third one from the source of life is reminded of the illusion that is death as if ...

...the integration from birth to death of life multiplied by ever smaller changes in time resulted in the evolution of a race of beings so beyond that edge of reality that they would ...

...have been effected by dilated thought paradigms referencing the source and the origin's displaced in relation to the relative source where theoretically time is spheroidally tangent to newer nuances that remain indescribable, and as experiencing the idea that coexistencenations which co-dilate in ever diverging (TAG) influences were there by remaining in a non-parallel dimensionaless matrix of galactical exposure to times missing elemental parameters where by nothing ever changes in the event until we increase the edgelessness of...

...these assumed fluxes of change intertwined between the two simple equations: that of a^2+b^2=c^2 and x^3+y^3+z^3=r^3. Given the first glance the solutions are 3,4,5 and 3,4,5,6 being the only time the natural solutions are similar between said equations. Even still as the effect becomes multidimensional in the effort to think beyond it and into the effect that a time's element would have. So if 'r' is the distance to the origin from x,y,z.., this will already become the definition of said curves beyond the conic effect of bipedal dualistic thoughts from the point of view of merely two unique sources assuming that (TAG) has already known that the curves are due to the left and the right sides of vision giving us the picture of our now. But the most impressive edgeless null-matrixcal effect is that of...

...the space time continuum or even the way we spell continuum by adding the extra U to the middle of the word where as this in turn caused the collapse of the virus call 'language' and we all have gone back to the picture language we began with, this being of interest to the (TAG) effects that they still enforcing timing of each thought before it happens, but in that case the...

...the negative matter anti-nuclear energy manifolds in sub-absolute zero temperatures will thus allowing for the continuum of time's partial skewing to the realized actualization of perfectly imperfect envelopes of (TAG)'s visions and then streamed into and between the effects of theoretical light/non-light energy dilations while avoiding the void of tensorial permutations and in effect causing the newest of the new to be better then the best of the best but even more so still the least likely cause and effect scenario remained and reminded everyone of...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

if the idea that a^2+b^2=c^2 is what Earth bases all It's math on till someone gets a measuring stick out that does not bend... mmmm

if the idea that a^2+b^2=c^2 is what Earth bases all It's math on till someone gets a measuring stick out that does not bend... mmmm

allowing only binary like planer solutions to real problems in "3-space" It only follows that when trying to put in curved space non-curved "flat' like equations

I say we jump into the next level where x^3+y^3+z^3=r^3 as r is the distance to the point x,y,z given all natural number solutions to start like 3,4,5 the distance being 6 as one of my four groupings that can solve the equation. The next question is what units are we talking about?

Friday, December 21, 2007

in the event of anything real occurring, ignore it

As when things might occur is livid nostalgia that makes me sick.

where does it say that I need you or want you even to read this?

+insert unnecessary details here that make you happy at my expense+

As when these real things might even make sense they don't, still they can't value anything other then themselves.



(disclaimer--I was fired yesterday, I was disengaged last week [from my girl], I cried this morning for two hours or so - at least untill I feel asleep, I have contemplated suicide to the point of going mad, and you mo fo's are not worth the efforts that even could be real, once in a while.)
making your mind up at all involves theoretically having one
I do not draw blanks; that is you doing that.

go decide what is really nice then let me know HOW I can Make it deviate from the norm into an experience that is worth having (now and then..)

after that write a letter or word that makes madness laughable and I will be the judge of its effect in the event of something real happening that is worth logging in the net of life's devices and vices there of.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

elemental effects inherited by thinking of

What Is Love?

what could this be

how can this know what is it of

were does one go from where one is after

she is different from me

he is different from her

we are not one another yet

another one of ourselves that be

inside or outside that which is

into and of that which will was be

where does she do what does she know

like time with out end in times window bent

where there is the free of me and her as we are were of