Tuesday, January 8, 2008

restructuring of the idea of parallel informations

almost the original (edit 4.1) - "When the multiplex meter readouts conform to these alien dimensions of time and space then the effects on life as it is known will be indeterminate as if - varying the phasing harmonics and adjusting the frequency of supernovae exploding - this would cause such transdimensional energy shift that could cause a holodeck could break down into componential derivations."

4.2 definitions:

multiplex meter: measures the amount of units to a dimension.

Alien dimensions: "unknown" units used to measure the unknown dimensions.

phasing harmonics: the harmonic frequency of a given phase (of life/matter)

frequency of supernovae: the exploding wave pulse cycle of supernovae

transdimensional energy shift: the mutation of kinds of energy, be it positive, negative, zero, and/or other kinds of indeterminate forms of energy; between each of the unique energy signatures that naturally occur and or do not occur.

componential derivations: what makes up the actual reality of ideas and theories and the "glue" that holds them together be it a manifold facets or other unreal devices of theoretical use(implementations of structured informations)

"(thus) the unsynchronized harmonics of time directionals would cause what is known as fluid synthetics in an intense parametric so much so that, when researched, their events in time and space would not retain the original sub-quantum super string analog"


unsynchronized harmonics: basically discord or true random chaos that is based on non-pattern formations and extrapolation formulas that would cause/determine this effect.

time directionals: the experience of time as now reflected into the directional that causes the beings to be and such not.

fluid synthetics: thoughts of the matter as the holographic nanite-technology becomes self aware and says it is so.

intense parametric: the actualization of self-awareness becoming thoughts.

sub-quantum super string analog: the change in thinking dimensions and growth to the greater and lesser sizes and dimensions as super and sub are copies of the other as much as past and future are the same.

This "...would create the thought manifestations in idea form of non-concurrent experiences. As these envelop the superior beings with non-trivial theories as superficial-genius like discussions are enlarged to super-genius level by being applied in an exponential curve. Unto the voided limits inside the elemental devices of languages and even the facets of thought structures return to themselves as ..."

non-concurrent experiences: what can be sensed and is yet out of sync with that POV: internally vs externally

non-trivial theories: the things that are important but never realized as such.

voided limits: where we should not go but still we go there.

elemental device: the building blocks of reality and or communicational comparison similarities ...

facets of thought structures: common ground between ideas and where they are in the imagination of ourselves and others.

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